About Merry X-Ray Corporation and SourceOne Healthcare Technologies

Since our beginning in 1958, Merry X-Ray Corporation (MXR) has earned a reputation as the "Go To" distributor for all of your x-ray imaging needs.

Merry X-Ray acquired SourceOne Healthcare Technologies in November of 2005.  The acquisition increased distribution and service coverage to all 48 contiguous states, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, making Merry X-Ray/SourceOne the largest distributor of x-ray equipment, service and supplies nationwide.

Digital Imaging has been a driving force for us to provide complete installations and upgrade paths for our customers. Digital solutions encompass the entire imaging workflow including image and information acquisition, image transmission, image viewing, and image archival, all using electronic (PACS) solutions. We focus on finding manufacturers of analog and digital equipment and accessories that will provide quality products for our customers.

We also carry many durable and consumable supplies for our customers including film, chemistry, barium sulfate, contrast, markers, imaging plates, cassettes and much more.  There are currently over 40,000 durable and consumable products available to our customers. 

As medical imaging has changed over the years, so has our service organization. Our employees are factory trained in traditional roller transport chemical film processors, multi-loaders, wet and dry laser imagers, x-ray equipment, and automatic film viewers. Our service organization also provides customer service and support for digital products, including: PC workstations, servers, CR, DR, film digitizers, PACS software, TCP/IP networking and more.

MXR has been providing quality service for over 50 years, and we plan to be around at least 50 more! We have multiple distribution centers, dedicated parts depot, and multiple business offices nationwide.

Leo Zuckerman